Resolve issue where the Font in output is different to that displayed in DOC1 Designer V5

Product Feature: Utilities


When a new HIP was built the fonts in the output document were incorrect:

Before :
User-added image
After :
User-added image


The likely cause of this is that the resource pack builder is picking up incorrect fonts from the Hive.


UPDATED: November 8, 2017
Steps to resolve:

1. From start\run enter %temp%, this will take you to your users temp folder.
2. Locate the DOC1 Workcenter folder and rename.
3. Go back to designer and rebuild the HIP, which will force DOC1 to recreate the DOC1 Workcenter folder.

This should ensure that Doc1 builds new fonts for the fonts used in the application design.

Alternatively, you could have your workcenter set to "empty local cache on start up", which will automatically clear this folder each time designer is opened, so new fonts are created in each new Doc1 session.