Resolve discrepancies with photograph image sizes in ConfirmConnect

Products affected: ConfirmConnect™
Operating System: Android, iOS


  • What is the size of photos that are taken and transferred on ConfirmConnect™?
  • Why are there differences between photo sizes for those taken using an Android device and those taken using iOS devices?
  • What is the difference between photos taken in the ConfirmConnect app and taken outside the device and attached to a Task in ConfirmConnect?


When taking and attaching photos in ConfirmConnect photographs may be compressed (in the application, when uploading). This helps prevent Inspectors exceeding their data allowance where they are taking lots of photos.

Photos taken using the camera button, on Tasks, are compressed to approx 20% of the original file size for Android devices and 10% for iOS ones.

Should you use the camera outside of ConfirmConnect and then attach the photograph to a Task in ConfirmConnect, this will just take the image file you selected without compressing the image at all.

The image is uploaded to the host database and is pulled out of that when someone opens the Document Link in Confirm®.  At this point it gets placed into the Document Store Folder where you can see the actual size of the image.


UPDATED: August 24, 2017
Questions, or concerns, you have regarding the eventual size of photos used in ConfirmConnect should be answered by the information within the 'Cause' section of this article.