Unable to connect to SQL using trusted connection in EngageOne Designer distributed install.

Software Affected: EngageOne Designer
Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade


User credentials encrypted so the server setup cannot connect to the SQL box when using trusted connection.


There has recently been a change to the BusObj.config repository connection string and user credentials, which are now encrypted.

This is fine for stand-alone or Client/Server installs - however, this causes a big problem for 'manual' distributed installs where RCT (ServerSetup.exe) cannot connect to the SQL-box - using trusted authentication.

ServerSetup.exe  attempts to connect to the remote-SQL instance during the install of BusObjService on the AppServer, however, if the connection is unsuccessful - then the remaining install (that creates the encryption data) fails and the BusObj.config isn't populated correctly.


UPDATED: October 10, 2019
A new parameter has been added to the command line invocation of serverSetup.exe from 6.0M4 onwards.

From the command line, if ServerSetup.exe /ccf is invoked then further arguments must also be specified allowing the user to either create a new BusObj.config file or edit an existing one
The usage is as follows:-

Ussage : ServerSetup /ccf
                   /du DatabaseUser -- user to use
                   /dp UserPassword -- password for the user
                   /ds DataSource -- Database Instance
                   /ca Catalogue -- Database Name
                   [/so socket] -- Optional Socket to use