Resolve Spectrum LIM exception when requesting repository: "HTTP request failed with status code 413, FULL head"

Product Feature: Spectrum Server


LIM exception when requesting repository: "HTTP request failed with status code 413, FULL head"

Customer reported that they are unable to use the LIM module in Spectrum 8.0 and receive the following exception if they try to access the repository (although it is accessible) through http://localhost:9292/RepositoryService/repository/default. They also get empty lists in the Management Console for any Named Resourced. Please

Follow caused by entry in the wrapper.log:

Caused by: com.mapinfo.midev.repository.remote.HttpRequestFailedException: RepositroryEx_HttpRequestFailedWithStatusAndMessage: HTTP request failed with status code 413, FULL head
at com.mapinfo.midev.repository.remote.RemoteNodeTypeManager.hasNodeType(
at com.mapinfo.midev.repository.Repository.checkNamespace(
at com.mapinfo.midev.repository.Repository.init(


HTTP Status code 413 states that the header the client is sending to the jetty engine is too big. Jetty defaults to 4k. There is a property for the Jetty connectors called “requestHeaderSize” that can be set.


UPDATED: March 28, 2017
To resolve you need to increase the headerBufferSize value by modifying the server/app/conf/spring/ file and add the following entry:


In Spectrum 9 we now use Jetty 9 that has a slightly different structure so the above setting does not work. For an example of resolving this in Spectrum 9 please find attached a sample "spectrum-override-container-jetty.xml" file from Engineering. They have included the entry as the configuration is slightly different in this version. After dropping the file into server/app/conf/spring you will then be able to edit the header size.