'Connection Abort' message in Sagent Automation

Product Feature: Automation Server



'Connection Abort' message is observed while executing a plan from Sagent Automation.


This could be caused if Sagent Windows Services (Sagent Data Flow and Web Service) are running from identity (shown as 'Log On As') not added in 'SAPPCOM*' DCOM Config.


UPDATED: September 17, 2019
Add the identity from which Sagent Services are running in 'SAPPCOM*' DCOM CONFIG.
  1. Open Components Services, Go to Console Root > 'Component Services' > Computers > 'My Computer' > 'Dcom Config'.
  2. Right-click on Control SAPPCOM.auto2. and go to properties.
  1. Select this user in the Identity tab and provide details of the identity using which Sagent Services are running.