Resolve "ERROR: You are not licensed to run e2 Vault" when setting up EngageOne Vault

In all the vault server currently supported


Customer is trying to set up new Vault Environment. Everything seems fine in ini but they were not able to get the vault services up.

In the Vault service log, below was the error
<timestamp1> starting 
<timestamp2> ERROR: You are not licensed to run e2 Vault 


We give a combine license file for CCM Product package i.e G1Keys.xml.

In this G1Keys.xml , there is a separate environment id for each of the products.

For example if a license contains information for doc1, e2vault and CCM.These three will have separate  'environment id' for each product.

The issue is that the Server.ini file in Vault is not indicating the 'environment id' of the Vault product.


UPDATED: November 9, 2017
In the Vault's Server.ini, Environment should indicate the Environment id that is called "e2".

<environment id="2" name="e2">
<module enabled="True" expiration="" id="1" moduleVersion="1.0" name="e2 Vault">
<Platform enabled="True" id="W" name="Windows" version="*"/>
In the server.ini, under the license, it should be
LicenceFile=<absolute path for G1Key.xml>