Error ""Could not load program /data/PB/g1rts/bin/runcbl" and "Could not load module" when trying to load MailStream Plus database files

Product affected: MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: USPS Reference installation
Operating System:  AIX 6.1
Database: Postal Reference Files
Version:  MSP 8.1.1 or later


User is unable to install their MailStream Plus™ (MSP) USPS Reference files
Trying to run the installdb, they get this error -
Creating MailStream Plus Database
Could not load program /data/PB/g1rts/bin/runcbl:
        Dependent module could not be loaded.
Could not load module
System error: No such file or directory
The database load program CREATEDB did not execute.
Please contact Group 1 Support for assistance.


Possibly $LIBPATH does not contain the g1rts/lib directory.


UPDATED: May 14, 2019
1.  Have user sign on and source the setup script.
2.  Run the command: echo $LIBPATH
    Verify that it contains the .../g1rts/lib directory.
3.  Run this command to start a new shell:  sh
4.  Run this command to check the value of LIBPATH.  
    echo $LIBPATH
It might not contain the g1rts/lib directory:  
If that’s the case, the user will have to work with his sysadmin to figure out why that happens.  In the meantime, the workaround is to edit the msn/bin/msplddb script and find this line at the end:
$G1RTS/bin/runcbl $G1MSP/lib/CREATEDB.acu
Just before this line, insert
So it will now look like this:
$G1RTS/bin/runcbl $G1MSP/lib/CREATEDB.acu