Resolve Spectrum error "Unable to configure Enterprise Geocoding Module database resource, Error retrieving version info, Java.lang.IllegalStateException"

Products Affected: Spectrum Technology Platform - Enterprise Geocoding Module


User is unable to configure Enterprise Geocoding Module (EGM) database, the error message returned:
"Error retrieving version info. Java.lang.IllegalStateException: Geostan Property Count Mismatch in Java Layer. Actual Property Count was 105 Computed Count was 104".

Note that the numbers in the above line may be different depending on your version of Spectrum or the patch for EGM.


In the "<Spectrum Install>/server/modules/geostan/lib" directory, there were two "geostan-xx.jar" files at startup, where "xx" stands for some numbers/letters


UPDATED: August 1, 2019
  1. Stop the Spectrum server
  2. Backup and remove the older geostan jar file to a temporary location (the lower number of the two)
  3. Restart the Spectrum server 
You should now be able to configure the database resource successfully. If you have no further issues, it is safe to delete the previous geostan jar file.