Resolve error "GEN0128A Hip loading failed whilst reading the dataframe component" in DOC1 Generate

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade


When attempting to build a HIP file, it is failing with the the following error:
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This error usually means that some duplicate records have somehow crept into the data frame, one is likely to be registered, and the other not.


UPDATED: November 8, 2017
Before you do any of this, make a backup of your repository.

Open the data format used by the publication, and go to the Data Order tab. In here, go to the Global Record List to see if you have any duplicates.

If there are any showing, then in the Formatted Data tab, locate the record in question, and rename the record to give it a unique name, and then save the data format.

Go back to your Global Record List in the Data Order tab, and if there were duplicates, you should now see one with your recent change, and one without, you should delete (right click\delete) the one that doesn't have the new name (you can only do this in the Global Record list).