Resolve a missing record in .CSV export from Grid format while exporting result from weblink in Sagent Data Flow

Customer was facing this on weblink deployed on Windows Server 2003
but its applicable to Windows Server 2008 as well


While running a plan from weblink, the Customer was able to see the complete result of the plan in the grid but when when the CSV file was imported, an incomplete result was shown.


On windows Server 2003, there is setting AspBufferingLimit which control the size of of result set which can be imported via weblink, by default this value is 4 MB.

To get the result set, we need to be able to import more than 4 MB.


UPDATED: November 9, 2017
As there is no overhead, we recomend to set this 20971520 i.e(2 Gigs).

To do this:
1) Please stop the IIS. 
2) Go to "C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv" where weblink server is installed. 
3) Make a copy of MetaBase.xml and change the value of AspBufferingLimit="20971520". 
4) Save the file and restart IIS and weblink serve.