Messages remaining in the send queue with no error message in Portrait Dialog


It has been noticed that some emails to be sent in a bundle remains in the send queue without any error message, and are never sent/re-sent. We are fairly confident that this occurs when the dialogue server goes down when emails are sent. E.g. COM+ shutdown or server failure. The emails that are being sent right then remain in the send queue. The reason PD do not automatically try to send these again is that PD cannot be 100% sure if emails has been sent or not before the server went down.


This will happen is messages are being sent by the send service as the COM+ is being recycled.


UPDATED: December 3, 2018
It is important to stop the send service before shutting down COM+ package.
This can be done manually or using a batch.
We recommend setting up a batch file to be run instead of using a manual COM+ shutdown. 
This can be added to the task scheduler to restart clean every night.
Use this in your batch file:
net stop srvcMHSendMessages
net start srvcMHSendMessages
This stops the Send message service in a controlled manner before shutting down the COM+ and starts the send message service.