Resolve error "Server license verification failed" in EngageOne Vault

Product Feature: Render

Operating System: Windows 2008


Vault server is functioning as we have no difficulty loading document, but when we attempt to view these using the Render (Web) client, the following error is received:

"Server license verification failed"

[09/08/13 01:21:26:026 MSK] ERROR serviceweb2.RenderDocument: Caught ServerErrorException: errorCode [70806], errorMessage [<render1> ERROR 70806: licence verification failed]
com.g1.e2.vault.ServerErrorException: Server reported an error while trying to execute "RenderTransform" request.


This is caused by having two Render modules in the same Vault configuration, one that has expired, and one that has not, ie:
User-added image


UPDATED: November 8, 2017
You cannot have two identical modules within the same configuration where one has expired, and the other has not.

The configuration for Vault needs to have all modules available for that installation, but only one of each.