Spectrum: Error retrieving version info when loading Enterprise Geocoding Module database into Management Console

Product Feature: Centrus Points Database



While uploading a database to Spectrum 8 SP3, the following error is received. 

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RuntimeException: Error retrieving version info. [java.lang.IllegalStateException: GeoStan Property Count Mismatch in Java Layer, Actual Property Count was: 105 Computed Count was:104]


There are multiple .jar files being referenced in the geostan/lib directory.

This issue could arise from upgrading a Spectrum 8 SP2 box with a specific patch installed, and then updating to Spectrum 8 SP3


UPDATED: April 3, 2017
Remove the older geostan.jar files located in server/modules/geostan/lib directory.

For example, if there is a geostan-26.00.jar and a geostan-25.01.jar, remove the older geostan-25.01.jar.