Resolve issue in AnySite where ZIPCODES sorted by name and not by number



User's running AnySite 9.x US and creating profiles in the AnySite segmentation plugin notice that
the zipcode tree shows ZIPCODES sorted by name, as opposed to by number.

User-added image

Here is the correct Tree sorting:

User-added image



The issue is related to a problem with the Microbuild_HS.cfg file.


UPDATED: April 13, 2017
The .cfg file for the user was incorrect.
There is an updated  file available that includes the ID field for the Zip Codes. (see attached file)

To apply this fix: 

1.Close Segmentation Plug-in.  
2. In the SegmentationData2012 folder,  (default is   C:\AnySite_US\Data\SegmentationData2012), replace the existing MicroBuild_HS.cfg file with the attached MicroBuild_HS.cfg file.
3. Restart Segmentation Plug-in and should now see corrected geography tree