Spectrum: Expiration Info For Enterprise GeoTax Module (ETM) database(s) is not displaying in Management Console in Spectrum 8 SP3

Operating System: Windows 2003/2008, Linux, Unix

Version: 8, 8 SP1, 8 SP2, 8 SP3


User updated the GeoTax Master database and the Taxware Cross reference file in Spectrum 8 SP3. Wants to know how to view the expiration date of the databases in the Management Console.


In Spectrum 8 SP3, there is no expiration option for Enterprise Tax Module database information in Management Console > System > Version Information.


UPDATED: February 13, 2015
The options for the Geotax database expiration to display in the Management Console in Spectrum 8 SP3:
  • Set up the email notifications in the Management Console
  • Use the expiration tab under licensing which will show you what databases are going to expire as they get closer to the expiration date:
In Spectrum 9 SP3, the display of Geotax database expiration has been added.