Resolve Weblink error "VLM Block Index Out Of Range" in Sagent Data Flow

Product Feature: Weblink Server and IIS



Issue occured only when plan is executed via weblink. Plan runs fine for 8-10 seconds and generate few thousand rows but fails after that with below error :

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As confirmed from customer, issue started to come only after their data in SQL source increased.

We found that data being generated was approximately 40 MB, the issue occurs due to IIS not being able to transfer the 40 MB data to excel.


UPDATED: October 25, 2017
User needs to edit the parameters of IIS, before doing this, stop IIS.

The value to be entered depends on MB of data required.
  • If weblink Server and IIS are on Windows 2003 :

                     So we need to modify aspbufferinglimit on IIS.This parameter is present in metabase.xml .
                     ON windows 2003 metabase.xml  file is located under c:\windows\system32\inetsrv .
 Value to be entered in bytes : for 40 MB we entered :41943040
  • If weblink and IIS are on windows 2008, then name of parameter is changed to ResponseBufferingLimit. 
                   In IIS7 Open IIS manager, go to your site under the ASP section, find the Limit Properties.  Response Buffering limit item.
                   Enable buffering should also be true.

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