Error "Logon Failed. The session count has exceeded the license limit" for EngageOne Designer


Error Message "Logon Failed. The session count has exceeded the license limit" while signing onto the EngageOne Designer.


The number of concurrent users signed into a single repository in EngageOne Designer exceeds the license limit.

The maximum number of concurrent users allowed is determined by "# of Licenses” in the license/keycode. In the example below, the "# of Licenses" equals 4 which means if there 4 users signed into a repository in EngageOne Designer, the 5th sign-on attempt will show the error.
Config. Reference: Doc1
Status: Full
Product: Designer
Platform: Windows
Server Type: All
MAC Addresse(s): *
Media: *
User Language: *
# of Licenses: 4
Restrictions: S/W expiry: 30-Jun-17
Optional components: +feature: Line data input +feature: XML data +feature: Advanced graphics +feature: Hyphenation +
language: English


UPDATED: July 21, 2020
An EngageOne Designer System Administrator can force the sign-off of other users.
1)      Sign into the EngageOne designer with System Administrator privileges.
2)      Select the menu Administrator | Session.
3)      Highlight the user to sign off and click the button Logout.