Resolve issue with extremely slow screen refresh when viewing AFP files on Windows 7 in EngageOne Enrichment, formerly Streamweaver

Product Feature: Visual Engineer Full Function
Operating System: Windows 7 64bit


Extremely slow screen refresh when viewing AFP files on Windows 7

With Visual Engineer version 6.4 where opening an AFP file on Windows 7, when opening the AFP file, there are several refresh of display area so the user is unable to select and specify any record.

Attached, you can find small recording video showing this.

The issue of refresh does not occur with Windows XP.


Windows 7 can be slower than Windows XP, and repaints takes more time than they should.

According to the development team, it is likely related to the font being used, which is related to using Windows 7 as opposed to Windows XP.

The problem is less noticeable with Hex and explanation on. This problem tends to be more obvious when processing a large records in SWVE. But in our test, we do not have problem selecting or specifying any fields in any records.


UPDATED: November 9, 2017
Raised as Jira Defect STREAMWEAVER-542

Status: Fixed starting versions 6.5.0.e and 6.6.0.