Resolve error "An unhandled error has occurred in the application" in EngageOne Content Author


If a user try to create a new message or edit an existing message, the following error in encountered in the EngageOne Content Author web client.

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There could be various reasons that's causing the error.



UPDATED: January 26, 2018
Some troubleshooting options:
1. Check that the EngageOne Content Author Resource Access Service is running. 
2. Verify if the certificate is still valid. To do so, go to Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Content > Certificates > View; then check the Valid from and Valid To.
3. If the certificate is not there, it is likely the ActiveX editor is not installed or its installation may have been blocked. In which case, we would suggest reinstalling EngageOne Content Author and ensuring the ActiveX editor is installed. You should then be able to see the certificate. Once installed, please check the validity of the certificate to ensure it is still valid.
4.There could also be an issue with the users assigned to the CCMContentAuthor database in SQL. Run the CCM Content Author Configuration Tool and run through each of the tabs, running the configurations on each panel, then try accessing the site again.