Arabic text displays incorrect in EngageOne Designer version 6.6.7.x

Product Effected: EngageOne Designer


When Arabic text is inserted into EngageOne Designer V6.6.7.x, it is not displaying as it should.

Instead of appearing right to left aligned, it is displayed as left to right, and spaces are appearing between each character.



Caused by the use of Open Type Postscript outline fonts (otherwise known as CFF fonts), which are not supported with Arabic (neither is Type 1).  The module within Designer that manages the alignment and ligature for Arabic is not compatible with this font type.




UPDATED: October 11, 2018
Source either genuine True Type, or Open Type with True Type outlines and ensure that Arabic is one of the supported encoding schemes.

For proper Arabic display, it will be necessary to use the 6.6.7.x release of Designer and Generate.

Please note that these will be embedded in the output as CID fonts because as it would be with any complex script languages selected.