Resolve MapInfo Professional browser printing issue with ver. 11.5 and later



MapInfo Professional® version 11.0 and earlier had the ability to print the entire contents of a browser window, including rows/fields not visible within MapInfo Professional.
MapInfo Professional version 11.5 and later no longer have this ability. It only prints the viewable rows/fields.


Along with the new look and functionality of the browser which was introduced in version 11, there are many changes to the way the browser now prints - such as only the current view being printed.

MapInfo User Guide for version 11 (page 37) describes the new change in behavior:

Printing Browser Window Contents
When selecting to print the contents of a Browser window:
• Only the contents in view print. If necessary, the contents are scaled down (preserving the aspect ratio) to fit the page size.
• Previous versions of MapInfo Professional let you select the range of rows to print from an Options button in the Print dialog box and let you print to file.
• Only full rows and columns print, partial rows or columns are not in the printout.
• Scroll bars, at right and at bottom, do not print. Other controls for on-screen clicking, such as a selection box, do not print.
• You cannot specify a page range for printing and you cannot print to file.

The new support for browser frames in a layout produces a raster image representation of the Browser window contents. If necessary, the raster image is broken into multiple, tiled images to
handle large and/or high resolution browser frames that otherwise would run out of memory, or be unable to produce as a bitmap image.


UPDATED: April 21, 2017
Possible workarounds below:

1. Export the browser table to CSV using Table > Export and print from Microsoft Excel/Notepad

2. Use Tools > Crystal Reports > New Report and select the TAB file to print.
Use File > Print Preview to check if all rows are included.