Resolve "Invalid object name 'sarp_info'" error while login to Design Studio in Sagent


While login to Design Studio, "Invalid object name 'sarp_info'" error is encountered.

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'sarp_info' table is one of the the integral part of Sagent repository database. It is the first table accessed by Design Studio while logging in to the repository.
This error message is displayed when the database used to connect Design Studio does not contain these 'sarp_info' table hence not a valid Sagent repository DB.


UPDATED: July 21, 2017
The database in which login is tried should be a Sagent repository. This can be confirmed by logging into the Database using any native client and check whether the tables, with the name starting from 'sarp_' exists. For example, If repository exists on SQL Server, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) can be used to login to SQL Server
and verify the existence of the sarp tables.

In case of a fresh Sagent installation, create a new repository using SAINRP utility and then try to login to Design Studio with the new repository credentials. For information
on SAINRP, refer UtilUG guide shipped with the Sagent installer.