Can not view barcode when previewing in EO Correspondent version 3



Can not view barcode when previewing in EO Correspondent


Customer has a font issue: They are testing with EngageOne Editor and found that barcodes are not showing up in the editor, but the barcode is showing up in the final document. After some more testing and looked like EngageOne installs the barcode fonts to use in the editor. So this appears to be a permissions issue on the machine launching the editor. Here is how the test is conducted – check the installed fonts, change the barcode in designer to a font that have not tried, republish and import into EngageOne. I then invoke the template in EngageOne and check the template and it looks fine – the barcode is there. Then check the list of installed fonts and a font has been installed by EngageOne for use by the Editor.


UPDATED: August 31, 2017
EngageOne does not handle font, all font resources are handled in DOC1 Designer. 
The font information can be found in the Designer User Guide:
“When an existing publication is opened the Work Center searches the local machine to see if all the referenced fonts are available. If not, they are copied from the repository into the local windows font directory and automatically registered with the operating system. If you prefer, you can install all the fonts currently in your repository onto your local machine. This would be useful if, for instance, you have restored a different repository from backup. Fonts imported into the repository are converted into Windows TrueType files but note that these will be bitmap rather than outline resources. This means that it is not possible to select a different style, size or color when working with an imported font. If you want to work with variations of such fonts you must import each variation required from a separate resource file.”
So the specific font in question, Terrapin font, is copied from Designer repository into the local Windows font directory/folder and it is using the Windows reference font.  I have confirmed that the font is not part of the Active X library.  It is possible that the windows registry is set up differently from the customer’s client machine so it is allow copying the fonts on one machine but not the client machine.  Please verify if the customer has the referenced Terrapin font under font directory of Windows\Fonts folder?  if the font is not there, they have to verify it in control panel under fonts, unregister it so that next time the font will get copied.  But if there is any Windows permission issue, the customer will need to grant the permission.   FYI, This is outside of EngageOne and DOC1’s control.