Expired/Invalid Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) statement running a job in Verimove

Products Affected:  Verimove


Example of an expired Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) statement error found in the Verimove event.log:

01/28/20xx 10:42:48 E1523  File: JobXmlHandler.cpp  Line: 2502
    Date "07122012" can not be more than a year ago. Error detected at line 37,
    column 41 in "". Note: TABs in the source file count as one character when
    determining the column position.
 running Verimove job; expired PAF statement


Customers running Verimove 3.5.3 and earlier versions, may see the expired Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) Statement error which indicates the customer Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) statement for this job is no longer valid.


UPDATED: June 17, 2019

The "Date Signed" field will need to be changed in two areas;  the 'Customers' tab and the 'Broker/Agent/List Admin' tab.

In the Verimove GUI, click on Tools; Options; NCOALink and click on the 'Customers' tab.  Edit the customer record so that the "date signed" is no longer than 1 year from current date and change Type from 'Initial' to 'Renewal'.  Same process for changing 'date signed' under the  'Broker/Agent/List Admin' tab.

Starting with Verimove 3.5.4, jobs with expired Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) statements continue to run unlike previous versions where the jobs stop running.  However, warning messages that the Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) is going to expire and customers will need to contact the USPS to get renewal will be generated.