Resolve black box and errors related to bing maps in Anysite

Products Affected:  Anysite, MapInfo Professional


When launching Anysite, some users experience issues with the Bing map preferences. Bing aerial imagery may show up as a solid black box and/or an error message is generated referencing:  Bing 403 Error.
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These errors are related to Proxy and/or Firewall settings.


UPDATED: December 2, 2019

To resolve this issue, a user or an IT department needs to edit the Webservices.ini in the Anysite configurator.
Tools > Edit > Webservices.ini note the following:
If network has a Proxy Server ensure that AnySite is aware of these settings:

  • Close AnySite
  • Open Windows File Explorer, browse to the AnySite program directory
  • Look for “WebServices.ini” open this in Windows Notepad
  • Scroll to the section “[Networking]” set the Web Proxy settings to match those in Internet Explorer
  • Enter ‘true’ for UseWebProxy, specify a web proxy address, a web proxy username and password (see screenshot below)
  • Use File >> Save to make the changes permanent. Restart AnySite & test for the errorUser-added image

Users may also need to "whitelist" the following URL's. (May need to engage internal IT departments to do the following:

Modify the permission on the proxy server to allow the following links: 

Users will need to verify that the correct version of the imageryUtil.dll located in the Anysite application folder.

For users of Anysite 9.1, the correct date should be dated 10/23/2012) Attached to article.

In the Bing section of the webservices.ini file (located in the root of the Anysite application directory) there is a NubmerOfThreads setting. By default it is set to 5, which means AnySite will try to download 5 Bing tiles simultaneously.  Try decreasing this setting to see if it helps in the loading of the Bing layers. You will need to close out of Anysite, when making changes to the webservices.ini, then relaunch the AnySite application.