Resolve error “Some aspects of this file format cannot be reproduced in DOC1. Treat with caution" in EngageOne Designer and DOC1 Designer


SVG imaged which when imported to repository gives below error :
“Some aspects of this file format cannot be reproduced in DOC1. Treat with caution" 
The error does not stop you using it in publication however when used and preview as PDF is done , below are the issues :
1) The image is getting rasterized (clarity is hampered & the rounded corners are not fully rounded).
2) The image is shrinking in size.
The issue occurs in 5.6 all versions of DOC1and also in EngageOne 6.0 latest release 6.0.1656.


The problem is due to the fact that SVG is not fully supported.

We use imagemagick's bitmap (MIFF) format as an intermediate step in our image conversion internally when image is imported to DOC1.


This is third party code. We are using an old version of imagemagick libraries with no linkage to inkscape or RSVG.

The internal imagemagick code has limited support at the latest available version, so all images end up being rasterised.


UPDATED: November 8, 2017
The best possible solution is to use good resolution BITMAP image or JPEG.

Essentially any image that you pull into Designer will be turned into a raster image because of the varying number of output devices (and print streams) that we have to support. In essence, we convert any source image into a local format (MIFF) for Design purposes and then to the native printstream format in the Resourcepack.

However, we do support EPS images being embedded natively (either in the Formspace or inline in each page) for PostScript output.

These are not rasterized and will remain a true vector as long as they are used via the Keyed External Image route ~ but only for PostScript.