Resolve issue where User is unable to add fonts into the Admin console in EngageOne Content Author V6

Product Feature: CA Client


When attempting to add fonts into the Content Author Admin client, it fails with a SQL error:

An exception occurred communicating with the Resource Server, Ensure the Resource Server service is running. The exception error messages was' The INSERT statement is in conflict with the FOREIGN KEY constraint 'FK_ClientResource_Client'. The conflict occurred in database 'ResourceServer1' table 'dbo.Client', column 'id'.


The problem is caused by the fact that the dbo.client table is not being populated with the correct values (likely to be permissions of some kind) from the CCMContentAuthor database.


UPDATED: November 8, 2017
This is what you need to do to rectify this:

1. In the CCMContentAuthor database\tables folder, open the dbo.Parameters table.
2. In the first row of this table, copy the GUID value from the ResourceServerClientId cell.
3. In the ResourceServer database\tables folder, open the dbo.Client table.
4. In the id cell of the first row, paste the GUID copied in step 2.
5. In the name cell of the dbo.Client table, enter Message1.

Save all in SQL, and then go back to you Content Author admin client, where you should now be able to add fonts.