Resolving transactional table sort not working with XML data

Software Affected: EngageOne Designer


  • Transactional table sorted differently between Designer and Generate
  • Unable to select sort field from XML data
When creating a publication which uses several transactional tables.
These transactional tables are populated from out of an IDM or other XML data.
One of these transaction tables needs to be displayed sorted, based on a particular field within the repeated group.
If you want to select this datafield in the sorting tab (properties of the table) it is not possible.
You should see here in the pulldown all datafields of this repeating group, but this is not the case.
If you choose the option "Create Field Alias" you are able to select the field in the dictionary.
Applying and closing this property screen results in losing this datafield (no sorting).
If you open again the property screen, you will notice that the datafield on which we want to sort is not saved


Doc1 is not designed to sort “Element” records when using XML input file.
This is the reason you cannot find any field on the Sort transactions in Sort tab.


UPDATED: November 23, 2017
This is currently unsupported as of version 5.6.2280