Resolve issue in DOC1 Designer V5 and EngageOne Designer V6 where the external document quality in output is poor

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade


Following import of a PDF into Designer to use as an external document, the quality of this document in the output generated is poor, but when PDF is viewed prior to import, the quality is as expected.


When this occurs, it generally means that the resolution of the PDF does not match the resolution of the device used for output.


UPDATED: May 1, 2020

This can be resolved by utilizing either the allow scaling up, or allow scaling down of images in the Output Device Configuration dialog:

User-added image

From the documentation:

Allow scaling up/down
These options determine what happens if the resolution of images used in the publication design does not match the Resolution or (Image) Resolution settings. If checked, Designer will scale the images to the appropriate resolution when the publication is published (the scaled images are placed within the HIP file as always).

If this does not resolve the problem, please contact Technical Support.