Resolve deleted labels in AnySite


When using the labeler tool in AnySite a label check box is turned off for a table in  AnySite 9.1 US.

Use the labeler tool to label an object. Then select the label with the select tool and choose delete and the label will be removed.

Switch back to the label tool and click on the same object, but the label does not appear. Turning on the autolabel checkbox in layer control does not make label reappear. The only option is to shut Anysite down and re-start to re-label that object, either automatically or via the tool.


The labels are layer specific and a MapX issue within Anysite.


UPDATED: April 20, 2017

Without exiting AnySite, slbels will return if by switching the Map Preference to Bing and then back to the currently chosen Map Preference.

Another work around without exiting is to choose Map >> Clear Annotations.
That will show the layers that have been labeled. Select the layer that the label was part of and labeling should resume correctly.

The labels are layer specific. The idea is that AnySite tracks the objects that get labeled and the objects where labels are deleted.  This is a general design issue and each layer needs to be tracked separately.