Resolve error message "DPV software incompatible with CODE-1 Plus" on the z/OS platform

Platform: z/OS
Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus


Error message "DPV software incompatiable with CODE-1 Plus release" when typing DPV on the command line using the interactive (G1CP transaction).


The error message "DPV software incompatible with CODE-1 Plus release" is a result of either pointing to old load modules (specifically DPV010C which should be in the PDSE load library) or pointing to old-style DPV databases (DPVMST and DPVLCL).


UPDATED: August 29, 2017
Check the load libraries in the DFHRPL concatenation and make certain that the current load library and PDSE load library are concatenated ahead of any other CODE-1 Plus libraries.  Make certain that these load libraries only contain current modules as well.  Also, check the database file definitions for DPV. They should be defined as one of the following: