Resolve error adding database resource in Enterprise Routing Module in Spectrum

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

Operating System: Windows

Version: 8,9


User is attempting to add a database resource for the ERM in the Management Console and getting a "error adding database resource" message. These are the details of the error message:

com.pb.spectrum.platform.server.config.api.resource.ProductResourceConfigurationException: Runtime configuration failed: {[ConfigEventException [agentIdentifier=AgentRuntimeIdentifier{agentRuntimeId='bolt:9000', version='8.0 SP2'}[com.pb.spectrum.platform.server.config.api.event.ConfigEventException: com.pb.spectrum.platform.server.runtime.core.component.invoker.TimeoutException: Unable to contact Remote Component controller]]]}



User is trying to add a database for Routing J server, which is not an ERM database.


UPDATED: April 21, 2017
Install the ERM routing data for Spectrum.