Resolving barcode bars too thin and cannot be scanned

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Line Drawing Universal Type Barcode

Often customer reports the barcode cannot be viewed properly in the output file and cannot be scanned using a manual scanner device.



The barcode is not readable or cannot be scanned using a manual scanner device.



UPDATED: November 23, 2017
A single bar width is 22/1440 = 0.015 cm. The width of the barcode should be about 29/1440 = 0.0201. 

In order to generate a barcode which can be scanned using a manual scanner, we suggest using values starting from the 0.02 (current) upto the 0.025 (which scans much more reliably) and to choose a value that still fits the free space for the barcode. 

The width of single bar can be increased in the barcode settings in Designer. 

This is a matter of trial and error to achieve the required result. The current setting could be just close enough to be unreliable at the printshop. So, the width of the bars may only need to increase by a small number.