Deleted delivery option still present when submitting work item in EngageOne Server

Product Feature: Interactive Correspondent


Deleted delivery option still present when submitting work item.


A template has been created, compiled and installed with a specific delivery option active.

A new delivery option was created, and after a revised template was installed, the previous delivery option was removed and the new one was assigned in the delivery option list.

Now when a deliverDocument request is submitted via the webservice the document is created using both delivery options (the previous one and the new one).


UPDATED: July 18, 2019
If there is an active submitted work item that has two delivery options, and while it is still active,  the delivery options are modified, then EO will deliver what was active at the time the work item was submitted.

If there is an old work item with two delivery options active, then this can be deleted, and the work item resubmitted with only one delivery option.