Error "PDR7704S The CPU ID of this system does not match the CPU ID in key" in EngageOne Enrichment

Product Feature: License Activation Issues
Products affected: EngageOne Enrichment all versions



When trying to run EngageOne Enrichment, the following error occurs:

PDR7704S The CPU ID of this system ABC123 does not match the CPU ID in key
StreamWeaver may not have been installed properly. Contact your
installer or Customer Support for a valid Key.

In this instance, the CPU ID and the key are just as a reference.


Incorrect CPU ID.


UPDATED: August 1, 2019
EngageOne Enrichment is tied to a CPU id and this is contained within the key itself.  When EngageOne Enrichmentis run, it will check to see that the CPU matches the one in the key.

If it does not, then this error will occur, and it will give you the CPU id of the machine on which you are attempting to run EngageOne Enrichment.

Customer support can analyze the key to determine which CPU it is linked to, and if necessary.