CompressedBlockSize versus DocumentBlockSize

Product Feature: Loader
Operating System: Windows


The customer was seeing the following error in their e2loaderd.log:
10:21:25 ERROR 11816: the compressed block size is too small to handle this data [need 263472]

But in their profiles.ini CompressedBlockSize=270000


In older versions of Vault, block size was governed by the CompressBlockSize setting.  However, in newer versions of Vault, the compressing phase is controlled by the CompressedBlockSize setting and the building phase is controlled by the DocumentBlockSize, which was smaller by default than what the customer needed.


UPDATED: May 5, 2017
The "compressing" (.drp) step uses CompressedBlockSize (default 1048576)
But the "building" (.drd) step uses DocumentBlockSize (default 262144)
In older versions there was only CompressedBlockSize but 5.5M0p0252 uses both of those settings.

We need to add the option DocumentBlockSize=270000 (you may need to adjust this number) to the profile.

DocumentBlockSize is not as common as CompressedBlockSize but can be necessary when a single document has a very large number of pages for example.