How to resolve a right alignment issue in table cell in DOC1 and EngageOne Designer

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade


Although text within a table cell is set to be right aligned, it is incorrectly aligned in the output.


This is generally caused by inconsistent internal margins, or spaces after the text in the cell.


UPDATED: November 10, 2017
To validate this, check the internal margins on the table cells to confirm that the right hand internal margins in all cases is identical.

To check the spaces after the text, ensure that the pilcrow is activated to show non printing characters, this can be found in the menu bar above the design view highlighted below:
User-added image

You then need to temporarily set the text to be left aligned, so you can see the value at the end of the line of text (see highlighted area below):
User-added image

Here you will see that there are 3 spaces after the Euro Symbol, these need to be deleted, and once this is completed, reset the text to be right aligned in the table cell.

Once all this is done, the alignment should be correct.