EngageOne Vault 4GB Compressed File Size Limit

All versions of Vault as of this writing (9/14/2018)


In newer versions of Vault (6.1 and higher) you'll see a descriptive error if you try to load a file that, once compressed, exceeds 4GB in size:

ERROR 10217: Compressed size exceeds 4 Gigabytes, file [work\inputfile.drp] size [4373904570]
00 ERROR 10128: compression failed for file [work\inputfile.afp]

In older versions of Vault (<6.1) you'll see an error like this:

ERROR 11834: detected page size [136462336] is greater than the maximum size [16777216]


There is a hard limit of 4 GB for Vault DRP and DRD files.  The original file can be larger, but once it's compressed it has to be under 4GB.



UPDATED: September 14, 2018
If this situation is encountered The customer will have to split their run so that the resulting DRP/DRDs are smaller than 4GB.
The limit of file size is that any single job data file must be less than 4 GB AFTER compression. So the job file size depends on how well it compresses. For “regular” AFP, it can be up to 20:1. For PDF, assume 1:1. Postscript varies depending on how much “binary” data is included. For collections, it really varies as the collections will accept any data/file.

The only solution to this situation is to recreate the print stream into multiple smaller chunks, so that when compressed no DRP exceeds 4GB.