Spectrum(Enterprise Tax Module): Error - The database load program G1DBLOAD did not execute

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

Operating System: AIX

Version: 7, 8, 9


Customer is getting a "The database load program G1DBLOAD did not execute" message when installing geotax databases in an AIX machine

Customer provided server/modules/gtx/data/gtxload.log file to review and the file says:

Can't find entry for 'vt102' in '/PBSpectrum/g1rts/etc/a_termcap'


Unix has different terminal types that can be used. The runtime system checks the terminal type to ensure that text/graphics are displayed correctly. This error means the runtime system doesn't recognize the terminal type the customer selected.


UPDATED: November 9, 2015
These are the steps to resolve the issue:
  1. Run the command "infocmp -C <terminal type>", e.g. "infocmp -C vt102"
  2. Copy the output of that command. It will look like a bunch of gibberish, but that's ok.
  3. Edit the $G1RTS/etc/a_termcap file. Paste the copied text to the end of the file and save the changes.
You should now be able to run the database install process. If the infocmp command gives an error message, set the TERM environment variable to "vt100" and rerun the database install.