XML\XSD failing to import into EngageOne Designer V5.x and V6.x

Product Feature: Data Format Editor



XML and XSD fails to import into Designer.


When importing XML and XSD that contains unsupported elements, the import of data can fail, or specific elements\data types will be ignored.


UPDATED: July 16, 2019
All supported and unsupported structure is referenced in the Doc1 user guide:

Limitations and restrictions when working with XML data (standard Data Format)
The following XML features are not currently supported:
• Model groups
• XSL transformations
• Boolean data type
• Abstract complexTypes
• The <xs:choice> element
• The <xs:any> element
• Element substitution and blocking element substitutions
• The Id attribute used to identify a particular <xs:sequence> construct

• XML data files must always have a file extension of XML.
• Like-named elements in multiple schemas will be ignored.

xsi:type and <xs:extension> restrictions:
• A complexType must have an explicit element declaration.
• Element names greater than 253 characters in length will be undefined when imported.
• Do not use xsi_type as an attribute name as it can conflict with internally generated attribute names.
• Do not name elements as a combination of the base element and extension name separated by an underscore. Conflicts with internally generated element names.

Unsupported elements (Interactive Data)
Unsupported elements are ignored during the import process because the values are predetermined in the Interactive Data Editor:
• xhtml:title
• xforms:instance
• xforms:submission
• Elements in the model section are also ignored, except for xforms:bind.
• Elements in the body section will be ignored, except for span.

Supported data types
Data types supported natively by the editor:
• string (xs:string)
• integer (xs:integer)
• floating point a.k.a. Number (xs:float)
• date (xs:date)
• time (xs:time)
Data types that can be transformed to types supported by the editor:
• xs:normalizedString
• xs:decimal
• xs:byte
• xs:int
• xs:long
• xs:negativeInteger
• xs:nonNegativeInteger
• xs:nonPositiveInteger
• xs:positiveInteger
• xs:short
• xs:unsignedLong
• xs:unsignedInt
• xs:unsignedShort
• xs:unsignedByte
• xs:double

Unsupported XSD/XML constructs and data types
• XSD element tags
• xs:extension
• xs:attribute
• xs:all
• xs:choice
• xs:anyAttribute
• occurrence indicators: minOccurs, maxOccurs
• Restriction tags
• xs:pattern
• xs:whitespace
• xs:length
• Data types
• xs:token
• xs:dateTime
• xs:duration
• xs:gDay
• xs:gMonth
• xs:gMonthDay
• xs:gYear
• xs:gYearMonth
• xs:boolean
• xs:hexBinary
• xs:anyURI
• xs:base64binary
• xs:QName