Resolve issue where DOC1 V5.6 is unable to install fonts

Product Feature: Utilities


Fonts not being installed into the Windows\Font directory by the Designer.

Designer generates an error stating that it cannot establish a connection to the server.


Under normal circumstances, if a publication is opened on a machine where the fonts used by the designer are not already available in the Windows font directory then Designer will install the fonts.

The error message above indicates that the Resource Access Services (the utility that installs the fonts in the Windows\fonts folder if they are not already available) is either not installed, or not running on the client machine.


UPDATED: November 7, 2017
This can be checked in the list of services to ensure it is present (DOC1 Resource Access Service), and if it is present, that it is started.

If it is not started, you should start it.  If it will not start, this is usually because it cannot write to the Windows application event log, so this should be cleared, and then set to "overwrite events as needed".

If all of these are running correctly, please contact Technical Support.