Resolve issue where the temp workspace keyword does not work in Unix environment for DOC1 Generate

Product Feature: Utilities


The Ops file has a temporary workspace defined, but Doc1gen is ignoring this and writing to system/tmp.


The documentation relating to this topic is misleading.

It says that you should use either SystemTempFiles OR the Workspace option.


UPDATED: November 10, 2017
See extract below:

The keyword is defined in the <Advanced> section of the Ops File


And the explanation of these keywords is as follows:

This option specifies a file template used by DOC1 Generate to create temporary files at runtime. Refer to “Creating a host object” on page 351 for further information Use either the %1 or %2 placeholders to create unique filenames, refer to “Specifying a file template” on page 343 for further information. This option is not for use on z/OS. However you can define a temporary file explicitly when specifying the output file – see page 374.

When set to Yes the host operating system will allocated temporary files for DOC1 Generate to use at runtime. Note that either this option or the Workspace option should be used to manage temporary files.

In fact you need to have both defined for this to work correctly: