SGT01100 General Error: The parse dictionary file is required

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

Version: 7,8,9


Error adding a database resource for EGM in Management Console:

com.pb.spectrum.platform.server.config.api.resource.ProductResourceConfigurationException: Runtime configuration failed: {[ConfigEventException [agentIdentifier=AgentRuntimeIdentifier{agentRuntimeId='PICO3:8080', version='8.0 SP2'}[com.pb.spectrum.platform.server.config.api.event.ConfigEventException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error retrieving version info. [SGT01105 FILE NOT FOUND: Unable to find file parse.dir at search path D:\SpectrumData\Geocoding\UnitedStates\CentrusPoints_44P;D:\SpectrumData\Geocoding\KGD_032013.. SGT01100 GENERAL ERROR: The parse dictionary file is required..]]]]}



Customer is mixing different vintages of EGM datasets. 


UPDATED: March 24, 2017
Ensure the street and point databases are the same vintage date.