Resolve issue where there is not enough space to execute command in Potrait Dialogue


1.Not-enough-space-to-execute-command error in PD server logs

2.Unable to log on to PD - Error message says "OUT OF MEMORY". Due to the same, lot of campaigns/ executions/ operations have failed. Screenshot attached.



1.Not Enough space in database table.
2.Bad selections executing causing high call time/consuming memory.
3.Two or more selections causing deadlock and hence high memory usage.
4.Multiple operation/selections/dialog executing simultaneously.
5.Not enough space on application server.


UPDATED: August 24, 2017
1.Monitor the bad selection optimize/index it.
2.Check for database table for space.
3.Check application server for space.
4.Monitor the deadlock and resolve it with the help of database administrator.
5.Monitor that multiple selection/operation/dialog should not run simultaneously.