Issues and questions on BPA Agent and connection to BPA Server

Product Feature: Agent



Environment setup:

User has a BPA server and deployed an Agent on a remote machine. This agent executes workflows / tasks on the remote machine based on a schedule, but while executing a specific task the network connection to the Agent went down.

  1. How does BPA handle such a situation?
  2. Can the agent run in standalone mode until connection is re-established?
  3. Will the agent report back to the server success or failure of task once connection is re-established?
  4. Must the Agent be connected ALL the time to execute a task on a remote server?


Incorrect setup.



UPDATED: November 9, 2017
  1. The workflow will fail. The Agent and Server must have an active line of communication at all times.
  2. The Agent cannot run without connection to the server.
  3. The Agent will not report back.
  4. Yes, the Agent must be connected at all times.