Raster or surface grid image shifts in Mapinfo/Discover

Products Affected:  MapInfo Discover, MapInfo Professional


A raster or surface grid image shifts and 'jumps around' when zooming in/out in map window, layout window and when printing to PDF.

User-added image

User-added image

Image acts funny



The reason you see the shifting is because this image processing is an approximation of reprojecting on the fly (whereas Vector files are always automatically correctly reprojected on the fly in MapInfo Professional).


UPDATED: December 4, 2019
Navigate to Map >Options >Image Processing and set this to Never.   

User-added image

Note that the map option will be saved in workspaces, and needs to be changed in all existing windows.
You should also adjust the default settings under Options >Preferences >Image Processing, to Never.

Note that once this is set to Never (off), the Map window's projection will change to the first Raster/Surface layer's projection.
All other images/raster need to be in the same projection to place in the same window. 

If the shifting persists, the raster/surface image will have errors in its registration, as seen under Table >Raster >Modify Image Registration. To remove these errors, Discover's Rectify image tool can be used with the existing control points.