Resolving fields not getting mapped in Portrait Explorer to Portrait Dialogue Integration

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Explorer - Dialogue domain Integration

Some fields in my published dataset in Explorer don't map to the Dialogue domain, why not?


Using Explorer version 4.0 and PD version 6.0.

When trying to map some string variables between the two domains a string categorical for the variable to appear in Explorer. These string variables are not mapping from Dialogue.


UPDATED: September 4, 2017

Portrait Explorer dataset fields are mapped onto their logical equivalents by searching for a logical field with a matching field name and compatible field type.

Fields are determined to be type compatible using the following rules:

Logical field type     Explorer dataset type

Integer                      Integer

Float                         Real

Boolean                    Integer with 0 & 1 values

Group                        Categorical with all/subset group member values as categories.

Refer to the Portrait Explorer administration guide for details on using an integrated domain.

See full details on Dialogue data types in the Portrait Dialogue reference guide.