Resolve "Error occurred in SampleAFP profile: Authentication failed." in eMessaging 1.4m3

Product Feature: Operational Settings

Operating System: Windows 2008 R2

Database: MS SQL 2008

Configuration: JBoss


The customer was seeing "Error occurred in SampleAFP profile: Authentication failed." errors when sending publications to e-Messaging from an EngageOne Delivery Channel (eHTML device).

However, the errors and logs did not identify where the authentication failed errors were coming from.


eMessaging could not connect to private mail server (potentially using TLS).


UPDATED: November 7, 2017
The Engineering team developed the patch for version 1.4m3,, that corrects the issue. 


1. Fix for changing the journal file name structure that e-messaging creates for e2vault.
2. Fix for reconnecting SMTP vendor every configurable number of emails
3. Fix includes Real-time PDF/HTML/DIJ file performance improvement changes, email connection to be reused across the DIJ files
4. Fix for eMessaging CSV reports error
5. Fix for issue regarding forgot password link sending mail from same address in spite of modifying "from" address in
6. Fix for issue Authentication Failed error ( In case of Blank Username/password for SMTP gateway )