Resolve issue when Easy Loader closes without error when connecting to ODBC

Products affected: EasyLoader™, MapInfo Pro™


Easyloader shuts down without error when the user clicks on ODBC button to connect to ODBC datasource


This issue can be caused by numerous issues.


UPDATED: December 5, 2019
1. Remove all defined datasources from the machine via ODBC Administrator, create a new datasource. and then test in EasyLoader
2. Run EasyLoader from the command line and specify a defined DSN name. The full syntax is found in the EasyLoader documentation.
    An example would be: "EasyLoader /S DSN = MyDataSourceName"

Other steps that can be used to isolate the problem:

Can ODBC administrator be started from the EXE in Windows system folder?
Can ODBC be accessed from within MapInfo Pro?
Try turning on ODBC trace logging in Windows ODBC Administrator, forcing the error, and then reviewing the Log file.