Resolve GEN0009A - Invalid Keycode messages.

Product Feature: DOC1GEN



Generate returning "GEN0009A invalid keycode" errors:

GEN0011I Registered customer: "Customer ABCD"

GEN0009A Keycode 'ER-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx' is invalid


Either the keycode is incorrect for the registered customer name, or the customer name is invalid for the keycode, or there are spaces before or after either the customer name or keycode.


UPDATED: June 6, 2017
Key codes are tied to the customer name, so if the pairing does not match what is shown in the Delivery Report EXACTLY, then generate will fail with an "invalid keycode" error.

This means that either the keycode does not match the customer name, or the other way around, or perhaps, the wrong host key is being used.

It's essential that there are no spaces either before or after either the customer name or the key value, and you should ensure that you are using the correct key for each individual host, and this is determined by the starting two letters in the key value:

EN = Windows
EL = Solaris
E4 = AS400
EC = Digital Unix
ES = SCO Unix
ER = Redhat